Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Pictures

Morning! and to some Evening! Would just like to share some of my random photos I took with my phone using an Android application, RetroCam. Btw, sorry for the utterly suck-ish photos..what to do? I only have a 2mp cam phone for these kinda retro shots...no worries~ planning to get an actual lomo cam soon~ =3

And so..here they are~

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The good and the bad in my simple life!

Its been awhile since I've updated here...so I've decided to announce a few good things and of course not to leave out the bad things, that are happening today!

April 7th...may be an average any other day for you...but it just so happens, its not quite that average to me...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy lazy day...

Right now..this is how I am....

But in reality...this is how I feel....

Gosh...I've slept 10 hours last night but still feel damn tired when I walked in to work this morning...I actually fell asleep at the toilet!! Its such a lazy lazy day for me...PLEASE let this day end quick...><


Friday, March 18, 2011

A hearty McD Big Breakfast~

Woke up super early this morning..just for a hearty breakfast at McD's with a good friend of mine..=D

McD actually had a promotion where all you need is to spend RM5 above and you'll get 2 sets of McD's Big Breakfast! Isn't that like awesomely cheap!? xD

All you need is to take the above coupon to exchange for the free meal...spending RM5 in McD's actually isn't all that hard..cause the set doesn't include a drink..so all you have to do is get either a cup of coffee or tea and you've got free breakfast babe! xD

Credit: This promo was intro'd by Annna : Dine with Anna

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's done and there's no turning back..

Yes! Today was the day and I finally did it! ><

I've submitted the letter and got it done over with!

At first when I told my superior..I was shivering like h*ll...and no it wasnt cause of the air conditioner..hahaha ..

She may be nice..but sometimes she can be kinda scary..however..surprisingly is she took it quite well..*SHOCK!* lolz...

She dint seem to mind...

Then there was talking to the HR officer..the one that hired me..that was what really got my heart started...pounding like mad!! hahaha..xD

it was a long talk..but he did gave me lotsa advices and I am grateful for that...

Anyways..I've done it and there's no turning back...

as my friend told me...

"做自己的決定 ,然後準備好承擔後果 。從一開始就提醒自己 ,世上沒有後悔藥吃, 而我永遠有個 B計劃。"

Hope I made the right decision...*cross fingers*